Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Garage door safety and maintenance isn't exactly a high priority until some type of a problem arises with the door’s operation. When there is an issue, it tends to be an emergency to get the door repaired. Regularly serviced garage doors are much less problematic for those who depend on them on a day-to-day basis. Here at Automatic Door Company, we always do our best to help out our customers in need, especially when they have an emergency. Whether it’s a car stuck in the garage due to a broken spring or cable, or an opener that’s no longer functioning. We make it our priority to get the get the door back into service as soon as possible.We strive to give our clients the customer service that they deserve, which is something my dad Jerry Zacchia, founder of our company, taught me many years ago when I was just learning the business. We recommend that garage doors have a general maintenance performed every 2 to 3 years. Heavier custom wood carriage house doors should be serviced more often.

Most general maintenance calls are $150.00 for up to three residential doors. Our general maintenance includes:

  • Balance & lubrication of each door
  • Safety inspection of all cables, springs, sheaves (pulleys) and rollers

Note: The remaining life of any spring whether it is a torsion or extension type spring cannot be determined by inspection, since there is no visual sign of fatigue, even one minute before failure. The industry standard, for the life of a garage door spring is approximately 10,000 open & close cycles.

We also test the safety reverse of each door opener to ensure it meets UL-325 code specifications, to include:

  • Running the openers down on to a 1-1/2" block laid in the center of the garage door opening to make sure the door reverses
  • We also check the installed height of the safety sensors to ensure that they are installed no higher than 4" to 6" above the garage floor

**This is a very important step in our safety check of the opener**

Just because a garage door opener has safety sensors doesn't mean it is safe. It is very possible to increase the down force enough to keep it from properly reversing on a 1-1/2" object, which is what a small child's neck, can be compressed to.

To illustrate the importance of these safety checks we are including an extreme example. In 2013 a three-year-old girl was playing with a garage door button when she tried to crawl under the door as it was closing. Because the safety sensors were installed too high above the floor she was pinned down by the door and died from asphyxiation from the compression of the garage door on her chest. Far too often door companies install the safety sensors above the specified height of 6" above the garage floor.

Having your door served by a garage door professional, as apposed to a handyman is a much better way to go. We have seen the results of many do-it yourselfers and unlicensed or uninsured fly-by-night door companies. Garage door springs, brackets and cables are under extreme tension and should only be served by someone with the proper tools and training. Most big vox stores carry low quality parts coupled with unqualified sales people answering technical questions about how to service garage doors. I can't stress enough how dangerous it is to enlist the services of an unqualified serviceman to install or repair your garage door or the equipment that comes with it! With that said, if you or someone you know has any concerns with their garage door(s) please give a call to the most qualified professionals in town; the Automatic Door Co. of Trumbull, CT!