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At Automatic Door Co., we pride ourselves on our expertise in the field and our customer service. Our customers value our business because we return calls, arrive on time, but most importantly, we care. This is why we deal with Garaga for our steel and aluminum garage doors.

Automatic Door Co. offers expert services related to garage doors and garage door openers in the area of Trumbull, CT. We have over 41 years’ experience in sale, installation, maintenance and repair of all types of complete garage door systems, and we have built a solid reputation over the years.

If your garage door needs maintenance, adjustment or repair, our technicians will quickly and efficiently solve any problem. Also, in order to ensure optimum operation of your residential garage door, we have developed and implemented an annual preventive maintenance program, a kind of tune-up program for your residential door. This program will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and will ensure your peace of mind while saving you both time and money. Do not wait until you are stuck in your garage because your door does not open. Take advantage of our garage door maintenance program.

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